2003 Meritage – VQA

While strolling through the vineyards taking a look at the progress of our grapes, we decided that it was high time to add another premium brand to our line of Vinedresser Series wines. Seeing as we had enough matured fruit on vines that had been planted for fifteen years or so, we hand selected the grapes and came up with a wonderful blend idea. We would try our hand at a Bordeleaux blend known widely as Meritage. This vintage has excellent aging potential that we expect will continue well beyond 2006.

One sip of this wine and you’ll see why it deserves such a prestigious name. A wine this rich and flavourful would be excellent served at room temperature with tender cut of prime rib or all on its own.

Years ago, in an international contest to name the distinct blend of “Meritage,” the name was chosen as a word that combined “merit” and “heritage” to reflect the spirit of the members of “The Meritage Association.”